Technical practice ride

The weather has been so nice this last week. I feel sorry for the East Coast, but I know our turn is coming. I took advantage of the nice weather to go over to Palmer Park yesterday to practice some technical riding. There's one trail that has a good mix of rock gardens, tight turns and steep drops and climbs. There are no major consquences if you miss a technical piece either. The first time I rode that trail with Nick, I walked a lot and was a little freaked even by the easier parts. This time, I spent twenty minutes on the small section, just practicing. I never managed to clean the whole trail, but I did manage to get each individual technical section - on the third or fourth try.

I'm still nervous about the racing season. I know that I did well at Old Pueblo, but my times were 10 - 15 minutes slower then some of the pro women. Nick says I'm being to hard on myself - those other girls have been riding for years and I just started racing. I'm worried that I won't have the time to improve the technical skills before the first race.


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