Road ride

I went for a long road ride with two of the women from the Silverman Party on Sunday. We rode from my house, down to Fountain, then did the Hanover loop out east and returned home. It wasn't the best of days - the wind was blustery and cold. The roads were perfectly clear, despite the drifts on the side of the road. There still was sand on the major roads, but not enough to make the ride miserable except in Fountain proper. I lead the group from the house to Fountain so people wouldn't get lost. The wind made yelling directions difficult. After we turned out of the wind, we started sharing the workload, often just taking the whole lane. That's the nice thing about Hanover - so little traffic. But it was still a great ride, even with the wind. I didn't get my brick run in - I was too tired after the ride and Versus had bike racing on TV. I have my priorites and relaxing with my husband and my cat watching other people ride their bikes seemed like the best option at the time.


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