Bike V Car

Nick was hit by a car on Friday night. He wasn't hurt bad, just a lot of road rash and huge bruise on his hip. His bike also appears to be okay. This older lady was turning left, stopped and then gunned it. The evasive manuvers didn't work and Nick took her mirror off with his hip. The frustrating part is that Nick had all the lights he needed on. She just didn't pay attention and thought she could beat him. Then she got mad at him for riding at night. The cops did give her a ticket - which she wasn't happy about. She kept arguing why Nick wasn't getting a ticket as well. This time around, the cops were on our side. And she never once asked Nick if he was okay - perseverating on the fact that his bike did not have reflectors. You don't need reflectors with a 400 lumen light on your head. Thinking you would get home faster by cutting off the cyclist didn't help.


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