Silverman Party

I hosted the Silverman DVD party for the tri club this weekend. I think it went well and everyone had a good time. We didn’t go down to Lake Pueblo State Park like I had originally planned since the weather here has been so nice. After I canceled the Lake Pueblo trip, another member of the club offered to host a mountain bike ride out of Stratton. Nick and I tagged along with her group. It was pretty good ride, with the long climbs up Buckhorn and Palmer trail and the fast decents down Capt’n Jacks and Section 16. I’d actually never ridden Palmer or Section 16 before. I’ve run the trail in the opposite direction, so I knew what was coming up, but it looks different on a bike. The ride took longer then Nick and I’d planned, so we didn’t have time to really relax when we got home.
The turnout for the party was decent – there were about 10 people here. Everyone brought food and something to drink, so there was plenty of food. My chicken tortilla soup was a hit. I think we spent nearly an hour just socilicing before we actually settled down to watch the DVD. The funny thing was that most of the people attending were actually mountain bikers and Xterra athletes. And we were sitting down to watch a road triathlon. I’m not sure that everyone was really there to watch the DVD because there was a lot of chatting going on during the race, but hey. Meeting new people and having fun is more important, right? Hopefully everyone who came had a good time.


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