Growler time!

After the Meowler, it's a short turn around to the next adventure at Hartman Rocks. The Growler weekend... As usual, Nick is racing SS in the Half Growler and I'm playing race Sherpa for him all day. Then the tables turn and I get my two laps while he is Pit Boss. It should be a good weekend - the weather looks like it might cooperate for both races! But we all know what happens with Colorado weather.

I'm actually a little more nervous going into the Growler then I though I'd be after the Meowler. I wasn't as quick as I wanted on the bike - riding conservatively on the first segment because of the run. I also didn't realize how long that start loop was for the first lap. I didn't do the full start lap back in 2014 due to the weather. The Meowler was my first experience with the start for the counter-clockwise direction. Crap - the road was long! And we started in the base area, not downtown Gunnison! I'm sure that it won't feel so long with the full complement of Growler riders. And having the full field of Growlers will make it a faster start as well. That's one thing that adds to my nerves. With the quiet field of the Meowler, I had a clean run at everything and was able to ride everything. And now I have that expectation for the Growler - to ride everything. How will that play into the numbers at the Growler?

I always set such high expectations for myself, which often go unrealized. With some of the names signed up for the Growler, those high expectations are taking a hit. The mental talk - both positive and negative - is overwhelming right now. On one hand, I can ride all of the course now and should be able to ride it faster. On the other hand, I've been dropped like a hot potato at other races by some of the women registered. Why should this be any different then say, March? Dare I even try to follow wheels and see if I can hang on? Nick tells me to just be smart and ride hard. The race will sort itself out and I can't admit defeat before we even start. But that's so easy to do...

Regardless, it's going to be a good weekend. I'm nervous but excited to see how my legs have recovered from the effort of the Meowler. I'm also eager to test myself again in the rocks of Hartmans. 


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