Lessons on foot

After finishing the Chyenne Mountain Trail Run 50k, I was filled with mixed emotions. First being - wow, I just finished that - running 31 miles or almost all the way to Pueblo. Then second - oh crap, I still have 20 miles to go! I know the mentality of approaching Sheep Mountain will be very different then this race because of the elevation and the distance. But the lessons in a 50k are still quite applicable for the 50m

1) shoes are a given and I have time to get the perfect pair and make sure they are broken in but not broken down. But will that perfect pair still be perfect at mile 40? Should I have another pair in a drop bag?

2) socks - wool socks were the ticket for this race - my swiftwick Pursuit zeros made my feet happy. Even with a raw spot on my heel from my shoes, my socks keep my feet happy. With several stream crossings, the wool will once again be key at Sheep Mountain. So the only question there is the zeros that I normally run in or perhaps the ones? The slightly taller socks might reduce the risk of having pebbles in my shoes. 

3) drop bags - I actually had a bag packed with spare socks, a different shirt and some goodies. I was planning on stopping. But I was carrying food and had enough liquid in my pack to make it around the course again and race circumstances precipitated me not wanting to stop. I'm not gonna be able to pull that off at the 50m so I really need to sit down and think about that I want and need in those bags. 

4) my pack - I'm wearing my Osprey Rev 1.5 for sure. It's super comfortable and with just enough storage. The bladder carries enough - I won't need to fill it up completely. But will I get tired of the same thing to drink the entire time? I was really happy to have the aid stations with cups of water at CMSP. I worry about not having cups ( a much greener idea) or wanting to have something different. I have a really nice little handheld that I'm planning on using for the Meowler. I'm debating that as well, with the knowledge that I might have to toss it in the pack for awhile.

5) food - Always the great question - what will my stomach tolerate for 12 hours? The gummies, my rice bar, and waffle were good but will it be enough? Or should I really not worry about it and hope that the aid stations are the smorgasbord I've heard about? And hope that it's something I'd want to eat. With the drop bags, I don't need to carry an entire race worth of food either. But I like having that one or two extras with me. Just in case...

6) bad weather gear - the one thing about my little pack - there's not much room for oh shit gear. Thin hat, gloves inside and a rain jacket strapped to the outside. That's not a lot if things go south like they so quickly can in the Colorado Mountains - just enough to get me to an aid station - I hope. And yes, I can put more layers in the drop bags. But that doesn't do me much good between resupply points.

So much to think about and play with in my upcoming long runs. And July will be here before I know it. 


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