Getting ready

There is always the edge to balance when getting ready for an event. Have I done enough to be fully prepared? Or too much and arriving fatigued and tired? When the legs don't respond and a workout seems out of the question, the fear of overtraining looms large. As I prepare for the Meowler, it's no different. I had two big weeks of training, both volume and intensity wise. Some very long runs, hard rides and long interval sets. And then there was chasing the guys around... Sometimes I think that might be a better workout then all the intervals! Chasing the guys involves hard riding both up and down - not just down as most people do for intervals. It was a lot and I entered the last few days of hard work I was ready for it to be over. Ready for the taper and for the shorter, faster sets that peak the form. 

Only problem was - the rest didn't seem to kick in as quickly and I was still dealing like a burnt peice of bread. Panic mode - it's easy to go into a race under trained and survive, but not so much if over trained. Had the last few long rides and runs pushed me just enough over the edge? One solid run later - the kind that feels so natural and smooth and the panic was squelched. Not gone completely, but much less. I just needed a little longer recovery this time. That was confirmed when I finally got to Gunnison. Sure it was a very easy ride - but the legs were there when I needed them. And I'll be needing them for sure Sunday! 

I shouldn't be nervous about this. It's just my kind of event. Hard and technical mountain biking on some of the best trails in Hartman's Rocks. Self supported for gear and planning. And a nice long run in the middle of the ride just to break things up. It's what I love doing - trail running and riding. Yet I don't feel like I've done enough prep for gear and logistics. I have a multi-sport watch, yet I haven't even tried that function. I've been using one computer for my bikes workouts and my watch for my runs. I've done plenty of rides with shoes in pack so I know I'm good there - but the actual transition? Not as smooth as it used to be. I used to have fancy elastic shoe laces for events like this - not anymore! I'll actually have to tie my shoes... So while I'm a little worried about having overtrained, I'm also stressed by the logistics. I just have to trust and be smart. 

Even more stressful? This is the first race without Nick in 5 years. I don't have my pit boss to help me and calm me down!


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