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Oct 22, 2014


I think Autumn is one of my favorite seasons - a time of change. The air is still warm, but starting to get cooler - especially in the mornings. The mountains are full of color, aspens and cottonwoods popping amid the green pines. There's always the chance that singletrack escapes might get dusted with snow and the campfire at the end of the day is a welcome retreat. The hustle and bustle of the busy summer weekends is settling down and the epic loops are nearly deserted. It's the perfect time to escape. Nick and I have taken advantage of the quiet for several long weekends the last few falls. The quiet trips also provide plenty of time to think - reflecting on the successes and weakness of the past season and pondering the goals for next season. There's a lot for me to think about this year - a lot of changes happening. More on that later.....

It's also a time of transition - from the hectic, race filled months of summer to the quiet off season of winter. I also tend to swap from cyclist back to runner during the winter, finding the miles on the road easier to do in the cold and snow then hard training on the mountain bike. It's served me well the last few years, providing a much needed change as well. I'm still planning my early Feburary half marathon this winter and have already started building up the running volume. I also feel like I need the running for my sanity - it's such a simple sport compared to riding. Just a pair of shoes and such and I'm out the door. Freedom like on the bike, but fully engaged in the movement.

But the race season is changing this year with the addition of fat bikes to our fleet. For the first time in six years, we won't be making the trek to the desert in Feburary. We will be staying close to home - bundling up and racing on the snow for the Leadville Fat Bike series. Really, it's a return to being a kid - playing in the snow without a care. Sure, there are number plates involved, but I have no expectations - other then staying upright! And finally - after putting it off for years, we've gotten ski gear. I know, we live in Colorado and we didn't own ski gear at all! Pretty pathetic. I sold my down hill set up years ago - when I hadn't used it in three seasons and Nick had a cross country set up. But we never went. The snowshoes were awesome when we had a decent amount of snow, but didn't
really provide the adventure Nick wanted. We needed something different - AT skis so we could explore the backcountry and ski the lifts. That kind of gear isn't cheap and with a focus on 24 Hours in the Old Pueplo, hard to justify. Not this year! Fat bike racing one day and skiing the next...

So this will be as season of transition - and finding new ways to have fun and enjoy all Colorado has to offer.

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