25 hours of fun

Frog Hollow - 25 hours of fun. Last year, Nick and I had no clue what we were in for. We didn't know the course or anything. This year, we've been there and are looking forward to the return trip. A course with a kick - after a long, steady double track climb the fun begins on Jem trail. A giggle inducing descent that pops out onto the rock filled Hurricane Rim trail. A pure climber will love the first half. The technical riders will find thrills galore on the Jem drop. Me? I just enjoy it all and I know Nick loves Jem.

One challenge of this race is the desert weather swings. From the start when it will (hopefully) be sunny and warm to the dark of night there can be a 40* temperature swing. That's what happened last year. I was broiling on the first few laps, sweating in the dusty sun. Then came the sunset and the desert chill. From a fully unzipped jersey on the climb to a wool puffy and wind breaker for my final night lap - that's the differences I'm expecting again this year. And I'm bringing the clothes for all of it. Nothing worse then shivering my way back to pit just cause I didn't dress right. 

One thing we are doing differently this year is just one bike. First time at a 24 hour race with one bike per person - my camber and Nick's stumpy. We are racing hard for sure, but we also want to have some fun afterwards. A van loaded to the gills with the full assortment of 24 hour gear makes it hard to have fun afterward. Gets a little cramped in the van. So one bike per person and come what may. Hopefully I can ride a little smarter then last year and avoid the flats. The Camber is the perfect bike for this trip - fast for racing but still fun on the descent. And then after the race - the Camber will take anything I throw at it. 


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