Full moon and an eclipse. I was planning on running today anyway, but the promise of a lunar spectacle was enough to lure me out earlier. I missed the full Blood Moon - hidden behind the trees from my front window. I should have just gone out to see it, but needed to get ready for my run. As it was, the shadow of the earth was sliding off the moon as I started my run. There was a hint of reddness in the shadow over most of the brilliant moon, but when I tried to capture the image, my phone wasn't up to the task. The brightness of the sliver of moon showing overwhelmed the rest of the picture and there was no differentiation between moon and shadow. Oh well. It would be for my memory only with no visual record. I watched the shadow vanishing from the moon over the rest of my run, the reddness fading into brilliant white. Combined with the high clouds, it was one of the prettiest mornings in a while. The clouds were always there, but as the eclipse ended, they were illuminated into waves of faint greys and dark blues. A gorgeous sky as the moon was setting. I thought about taking a picture, but was in the middle of a hard mile and didn't want to stop. 

Meanwhile, to the east, the sky was opening into sunrise. Very faint streaks of color lightening from dark to blue. I'd left early to see the eclipse so missed the most spectacular part of the sunrise. A worthy exchange - seeing how few eclipses happen when I can see them. There will be another sunrise. 


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