That time of year again - best party at a mountain bike race as crazy cyclists take over the Gunnison KOA. It's going to a fun weekend - Nick and I are doing the 12 Hour Duo this year. There's a lot of duo teams in the 12 hour so the competition is going to be good. It's also duo open - so we are honestly racing the guys! We did a pre ride Thursday to find super sandy trails. Stopped to take some photos in my jersey..
Ready to race and proudly wear my national champion jersey!
Sun was the story of Thursday - but how quickly fortunes turned overnight. The rain, clouds and drizzle moved in. Friday was a dreary day, with off and on rain the entire day it seemed. But we weren't complaining. The trails could use the nice steady moisture - tramping down the sandy pits. 
Hartman's Rocks from my run - low hanging clouds and a light drizzle most of the day

Those clouds yeilded quite the downpour Friday night!

So we chilled under the shelter of our tent, watching the clouds and rain drifting over camp. Racers were slowly filling in the cracks with tent forests. 
Pot of gold at the KOA! We were hoping the rain was finished.

Sunset brought rainbows and more rain.
Sunset Friday night in a break in the rain

The patter of rain woke me race morning. I missed the sunrise, opting to stay warm and dry in the van. But I did see the rainbow over the west as the sun peaked through the clouds. 
Morning rainbow to greet the racers - more rain coming!
We haven't had a wet year yet - this might the year. Regardless, it's going to be fun. 24 Hours in the Sage is always fun. 


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