The enormity of the undertaking doesn't always sink in right away. But when it does, it makes you think.... The logistics of Vapor are nearly overw helming - from metering fluids for the long haul over the continental divide to pacing for being safe on some of the technical singletrack near the end. There's a lot to figure out and not a lot of time left to do it. 
The next time I'm up this high it will be dark - very dark. So I decided to take advantage of the views this weekend!
And then there is the darkness. Darkness at 9:00 in August is much different then darkness at 10:00 in September. There is still a touch of light right now, the hint of the sun fading from the western sky. Not so in September. It will be dark - the kind of dark that burns into the soul; the kind of dark that isolates you, surrounding you in solitude. That is the kind of dark we will be starting in. Watching the light fade from sky as we drove out of Salida - paralleling the first leg of Vapor hammered that home. Prepare for nearly eight hours of darkness, the trail illuminated only by my lights. And that brings its own concerns- in all my 24 hour races, I've started each lap with a fresh light, knowing I can run it on high and not have any issues. Not here, not with this race. Not only will I have to meter my lights well, I'll have to carry everything I thing I might need - spare lights for both bar and helmet. I'm not afraid of the darkness - I relish the focus it provides. But I would be foolish to not admit the concern I have about the logistics of this darkness. It's part of what makes this race. Those who manage the logistics will succeed. 


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