Potato and Zucchini pancakes

It's that time of year - the squash are growing wild and overwhelming home cooks everywhere. I used to have difficulty with using up the zuchinni and yellow squash. After all, there's only so many zuchinni breads we can eat and sautéed squash gets old. So I'd experimented with one of Nick's favorite breakfast foods. Potatoe pancakes - almost latkes, but not quite. They are versiitle - good for any meal. I'll serve them with eggs for breakfast, under a bed of green and chicken for lunch and with almost anything at supper. I figured that zuchinni would add some flavor and sneak in some veggies to our diet. And I was right - it's hard to even notice the squash in the potato pancakes. 

Shred three medium potatoes and set aside

Heat skillet on medium heat. 

Combine into large bowl:
Shred two zuchinni or yellow squash - or one of each. 
Chop finely 1/2 cup or more fresh parsley
Mince two cloves fresh garlic
Mince one medium onion
Chop finely any other fresh herbs you have, such as basil, Rosemary, garlic scapes, ect.
Add salt, pepper and other seasoning to taste. Mix well. 

Add two eggs to squash mixture and stir well
Add shredded potatos to squash. Try to just add the potatoes and not the liquid. Mix well so the potatoes are fully encorporated into the squash mixture. 
Add flour in 1/4 cup increments until the mixture holds together. Usually between 1/2 and 1 cup depending on how wet the mixture is. 

Add enough olive oil to preheated pan to cover bottom and let it warm up. 
Add potato mixture in about 1/2 cup spoonfuls and flatten to pancake shape. Cook on first side until browned and crisp (about 5 minutes) then flip and cook other side until crisp. 
Cool on paper towel covered wire rack. 
Repeat until all the potatoe mixture is cooked. 


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