Potato Nested Baked Eggs

It's no secret I've been using the Skratch Labs Feedzone cookbooks for the last year. I've gotten recipes for training food and living food, ranging from fish tacos to  pie and rice cakes to meat balls. Everything I've tried has been good and well deserving of the hashtag #yum. I've also taken the basics of the recipes - like the pie crust. I'll make the basic pie crust using the gluten free flour and then go crazy with fillings. From strawberry-rhubarb to banana-coconut-pecan, everything has been good and yummy on the bike. And although, I'm not an egg person, Nick is. So I've also tried the baked eggs and a few other things. Last time I made baked eggs, I chunked potatoes and tossed them under the eggs before baking. Nick liked it, but it was a little messy. So this time I took it a step further and made potatoe nests for the eggs. And viola - a nice, neat package for the eggs. So with great respect and thanks to Skratch Labs for the ideas, here's how to make Potato Nested Baked Eggs
Ready to go in the oven to finish out the eggs. 

- preheat oven to 375, grease muffin tin ( I have a rectangular tin since they fit better in containers) 
- Shred and season potatoes. Any seasonings work - use whatever you like, including salt. 
- press a handful of potatoes into tin, making sure it covers bottom and sides evenly. 
- bake potatoes for about 25 minutes. You want the nest a little crispy.
- remove tins and let cool. Add cheese if desired to center of nest. 
- crack one egg into each nest, trying not to break the yolk
- return pan to oven and cook for another 10 - 15 minutes or until eggs set
- remove pan from oven
- loose edges of the potato nests while still warm and let cool for a few minutes. 
- finish cooling on wire rack

For Nick, I put one egg nest onto a bed of raw spinach with some bacon crumbles. The spinach will wilt when he wants up the dish for breakfast. That's just one serving idea though...
Breakfast for Nick - fresh spinach, bacon and potato nested baked eggs. Yum! 


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