Back to winter...

Winter does not want to let go this year! All week, they were saying that the snow would move in Sunday morning, with wind and cold. Nick and I took advantage of the perfect weather Saturday for a nice long ride in the mountains. We had the trails to ourselves since most people decided to celebrate Mothers Day early. I was tired from the week and my right knee was aching with hard pedaling. It was a solid ride and I was able to work through the knee pain for a fun day on the bike. I didn't take care of it after the ride - having to dash to work. I paid the price for ignoring the twinge all week - by Saturday night, it was full fledged pain. Yikes. Not good.

Sunday morning, I wasn't even sure I wanted to ride. My knee was hurting badly and the light rain was rapidly turning in heavy snow. Nick didn't let me sit around and feel sorry for myself. We have the clothes - we have lights. Might as well get out and have some fun and get muddy. With my knee hurting,I knew riding the scheduled time was't happening, but even doing something would make me feel better. 
The Exposure lights aren't just for darkness! Tail light in the snow....

And with the snow, it provided the chance to climb Columbine again. We only can climb that trail when it's wet because of the kitty litter quality traction. So up we went. My knee was aching, but I was doing good climbing. Only missed one switchback going up, which was really solid for me.
Look closely - it might be May, but I'm hiding among fresh snowflakes!

Pedaling thru a winter wonderland...

Once we hit Gold Camp, there was a little more goofing off on usually unclimbable trails. The snow was getting harder and mixing with sleet. Nick's hands were numb (he'd thought it's May - I don't need the heated grips again!) and my hands were soaked. Time to head home. It was a short ride, but fun to get out. I was covered in mud, face red from the stinging sleet, but happy. My knee still hurt, but I'd gotten over the feeling sorry for myself by playing in the snow. 


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