Gunnison goings on

What's a really good way to get into a fight with your significant other? Make me drive the van on narrow, rocky dirt roads! Okay, only slightly joking - but me and the van do not get along well. At the Growler, with Nick racing Saturday and me racing Sunday we will be out on course to support each other. Last year was easy - I could just drive out to the end of Gold Basin road and wait till Nick came along. It was far enough into the race but not too far - I could give Nick his pack and call it a day. Not so this year. Going counterclockwise means no easy place to get support. And getting off the blacktop! Yikes. Nick drove out to where we wanted to make the exchanges, but the it was my turn. Not only did I have to drive the van, but he wanted me to turn around, back up and get parked in a few places safety. I can do most of that on blacktop - but something about the dirt just freaks me out. And my driving on the dirt was freaking Nick out. He made me drive all the way back down to base area - I think I was doing about 8 mph the whole way back. There's a lot to think about with a vehicle that size - and I am so not used to driving it. I think I could have walked down Kill Hill faster then I drove down it!  But I survived and think I can manage the van come Satuday of the Growler. 

After creeping down to the base area, it was time for dinner. And I needed a drink after driving the van! Instead of hitting our normal steak dinner at Ol' Miner - we went to KOA Dave's new restaurant on the western edge of town. Double Dave's Steakhouse - and it was worth it. It was really delicious and a great atmosphere. Nick had no problems with the food and we didn't even have to quiz them about ingredients. We were lucky to have live music as well during dinner, which was even better.  We will definitely be heading over there from now on. 

Friday night we stayed at Hartman's - found a quiet campsite when we drove in and just parked. It wasn't quite as quiet on Saturday with lots of motos and mountain bikes riding by. And dusy. It's very dry up there right now, despite the recent snow. So every time someone went by, we got coated in dust. It was an easy choice once we found out that the KOA was open -  after a few hours on the bike and all the dust, a shower sounded really nice. And no parties - there were plenty of people up on the rocks getting ready for late night shenanigans. We didn't have to deal with any of them and got a great nights sleep.
Waking up to this view definitely was nice


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