Staying focused

It's the night of the Epic Rides Fat TIre Crit as part of the Whiskey Off Roas festivities. Last year, I toed the line with the super speedy women and did my best to hold on for as many laps as I could. I was only somewhat successful in that endeavor. The next day I helped Nick as he raced, all the while thinking about the big event on Sunday. I was nary more then pack filler - and back of the pack filler as well. But it was a good experience and an eye opening one as well. Despite not having the race I wanted, I learned a lot about myself and my training.

This year, we opted to skip the Whiskey and stay close to home with fewer races. On one hand, I'm sorry to have missed the fun and the atmosphere in Prescott -Epic Rides can throw a great party and hold very well organized races. But staying home has given me a chance to stay focused. A chance to keep training hard - working on fitness and skill without the recovery from a challenging race. I've already gotten in several solid blocks with the quality work and recovery I need. And I have time for a few more before my first big race. Stay focused on the goal and stay in the moment. It's what I need to do right now. I can't ponder the results and wonder. I have other things to focus on. Both on and off the bike - there is too much planning and training to be done. 

One month. Then the time for training is over and the time for racing will begin. It's a new year with an new focus. I cannot let myself get distracted. Even things later in the year cannot sneak to the forefront of my mind. This is it - and one month isn't a lot of time to prepare. 


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