Missing the quiet

Back to work this week after a fun and much needed recovery week and I'm missing my dawn patrol rides. When I first started them it was because Coach Adam wanted to challenge me more and have less recovery time between the hard workouts. I wasn't looking forward to the first set, but soon came to enjoy the quiet trails and undisturbed workouts. I appreciated that even more after the first two interval days this week. Wow. With many hiking trails currently closed (a whole other story) and the reservoir now open for dogs, it was crazy busy compared to my prior rides. I'm sure it didn't help that it was the first really nice and not windy days all spring. Perfect day to get outside and enjoy what we all love about Colorado Springs. But just wow - and the lack of consideration some trail users demonstrated was even more amazing. 

Instead of ranting about it, I'm just going to alter my schedule. It's not worth continually putting myself into the insanity of immediate post work trails. Everyone wants to enjoy the nice weather and get outside. It would be nice if people paid attention to other trail users, but after this many years of riding at Stratton, I know it's not going to happen. It's not thing when I'm out goofing off and letting the dogs pass by is a great way to practice track stands. It's another when I'm doing a workout and have specific intervals. Then I need to be more aware of timing - no one else knows I'm trying to hit specific numbers. And if they did, they mostly don't care. So I'm not going to get mad or annoyed. I'll just return to the dawn patrol where it's me and a handful of others out and about. I'm sure as summer heats up even dawn patrol will get busy. But it won't be as bad as the after work rush. 

Given some of my goals for this year, riding at all hours will be beneficial for me. I'm sure there will be more afternoon or evening workouts combined with early morning rides. It's all part of the learning process and developing as a rider. It's also minimizing conflict. I don't forsee trails getting reopened anytime soon despite all the work people are putting into this issue (again, another story) and if getting out early gets me done before the rest of the city, its one less person overloading already crowded trails. 


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