Perfect timing

Sometimes things just work out well, even when it's crazy. With a mid-day dentist appointment on Wednesday, I decided to teach my exercise class and then take the rest of the day off. I had my last hard interval workout of the training block scheduled and really didn't want to do it with a half numb mouth! Did not sound like a good idea or a smart way to get in the work I needed on the bike. So I taught my class and bolted home to get my ride in before the dentist appointment. It was warm, but with a chilly wind and a little muggy whe I left the house at 10:15. I had looked at the clouds building behind the mountains and decided to bring my standard backpack full of warm clothes. Better safe then sorry and I could tell that weather was moving in. Got the intervals done - feeling the fatigue from Tuesdays set - I'd meant to get up early and have a nice space between the two sets, but hadn't. So I was less the 12 hours between sets. Ouch. I'd also decided to hit a slightly different section of trail for something new. Worked well, and I finished up on Gold Camp Road. It was still sunny, but the clouds were definitely getting thicker. I should have stopped and taken a picture, but was short on time and wanted to finish my ride more then take some photos. It was really pretty though - the spring time sun, snow in the shade and the fresh green of the trees with sapphire blue skies and angry grey clouds. The wind was whipping the clouds around the mountains, casting the trail into intermittent shade. I really need to start working on taking more pictures again.

Made it home with just enough time to upload my files and and shower before the dentist. Great way to recover from a workout! Chilling with my feet up in the dentist's chair for an hour or so. It was actually really nice. But the rain was coming when I was finished, with the blue skies replaced with dark grey. With half my mouth numb, I was more then happy to head home and take a nap with the cats. Did some chores, but really had no motivation for anything. And the rain was getting heavier and colder. By the time my mouth was feeling normal, it was a wet heavy snow covering the mountains. I was so happy I'd taken the whole day off instead of trying to ride afterwards. It was cold, damp and just not nice.... I'd gotten sunshine and wind and no issues with my mouth. There's never a good time to see this dentist, but when I can make it work to beat the snow and still have a solid workout? Even better. And everything's done well before the racing starts. 


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