Starting again

That first workout of the training block seems to be the make or break workout. If the numbers look good, then then next few weeks will fly by and I'll be looking forward then next set. If I'm struggling on the first workout out, all bets are off. I always hope for a good start, but know that sometimes it takes a few workouts to shake off the dust. Especially if I've been in goof-off mode for a few weeks. It can be mentally stressful though, seeing numbers much lower then I wanted - or was doing a few months ago. The questioning and second guessing always kicks in - have I lost fitness while playing on rocks instead of doing intervals? Will I be able to get back to where I want to be before too long or am I going to struggle this entire block? It's even worse when I've seen some good times in other things, indicating that my efforts on the bike should also be improving. Or when other indicators like RPE and HR are in the range I want, but the power, the primary measure is beyond low. I shouldn't be working this hard for such low numbers! Hopefully it's just a funk and the cold is messing with my head and my toys or I'm not focused since I'm inside and not on dirt. Otherwise the next two weeks will be a struggle and more frustrating then satisfying. Regardless, it's time to work. There's more to training then just chasing numbers. And even if the numbers are low, if everything else leads to fatigue it was a good day on the bike. I need to remember that. 


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