Feeling antsy

It happens every year about this time. I start looking at my plans for next year and immediately panic about training. Despite the need for some solid weeks of unstructured goof off and recovery, I start counting down weeks and work myself into a tizzy. I should be doing intervals! I should be out suffering in the cold, putting out the watts and getting in the work! Everyone else is on the trainer, banking the miles for next season, I should be too. Without fail, I start pestering Coach Adam for something to reassure me, intervals, workouts - anything. And without fail, he's always reassuring me, convincing me that I need the physical and mental break, that I won't be behind when the real work starts. 

I think it's the weather. I feel guilty about not doing anything, but the motivation to ride anything but hard in the sub zero temps of the last week just isn't there. Even running was more then I wanted to do! I have the clothes for these conditions - but the desire to slug through an easy effort wasn't there. So I didn't. And despite feeling guilty, then getting working up by the photos of others out in the snow and on their trainers, it was what I needed. I needed to sleep in, snuggle with my cats and do something different. We played in the snow for sure, but without purpose or a goal other then having fun. It's something I need to remember every year - a few weeks of down time and fun will lead to a more successful season next year. Recharge the brain and body without any structure or plans. 

I just need to learn to ignore all the photos of everyone on trainers or fat bikes! Now isn't the time to worry - or to stress about the training I'm not doing. Now is the time to prepare for what's coming. Being antsy is a sign of recovery and I'm going to need every bit of recovery I can get! When it's time to work, I will work hard - but I've got a few more weeks to play. Focus on the goal and remember it's all part of the process. Work and recovery and rest then more work. 


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