Another weekend, another adventure. With an epic long day planned for Saturday, Nick and I decided to head over Monarch Pass and do some exploring. But first, some Friday fun for Nick. I dropped him off at the top of the pass so he could ride. He was planning on riding out the Crest to Agate Creek, then descending Agate Creek and meeting me at the bottom. Another chance for me to drive the van! I'm getting better at that...
I did not end up like this car when I was driving down the pass!

Start of my run - end of Nick's ride
Even though it wasn't on the schedule, I decided to do a short run so I could explore a little as well. I put my bike inside the van and headed down the trail. It was a no agenda, get out and have some fun run that made for some cool photo ops. Yes, it was such a chill run that I brought the camera with me! I was playing with being artistic, trying to get some neat angles and views. I also wanted to get a picture of the fish in Agate Creek - Amazing, fish and motor bikes, coexisting in a drainage with out bridges or any erosion control! And the fish were pretty darn big as well. But anyway - that didn't work so well. I ended up with some really cool reflections instead!

Beaver pond turned reflecting pool off Agate Creek

Another chance to get a fish photo turned into another creek reflection photo

Reflection on the creek - didn't quite come out like I wanted
It was the perfect run for the day. I ran when I wanted, walked when I wanted, stopped and enjoyed the scenery and the quiet. I was well below US 50, but a world away from the bustle of the highway. It was just me, the creek and the aspens rustling in the wind. When I was finished with my run, I read until Nick showed up, muddy, wet and grinning. Then it was off to find a home for the night and our basecamp for Saturday.

Company at the campground - his web hung over a little creek right near the site

Perfect place for some contemplation and peace


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