Finished for another year - Ascent Cycling Finale

Hard to believe that it's August already. The finale of the Ascent Cycling Series is in the books, with great racing all around. Before the race, I reflected on the amount of work going into the series. There's a lot of planning and organizing that we as racers never see. So that means there's a lot to say thanks about - to the volunteers, the race officials and the sponsors that help make the events happen.
Saying Thanks

After the race, I really had nothing new to say. I rode smart and hard, meeting one of my goals during the event. Was still lapped by JJ Clark, but that's a goal for another year! So I looked at the series as a whole in some of the other classes, at the things that have to come together for the series wins.
This is only the Beginning

Even cooler was the coverage both Nick and I got - from Pikes Peak Sports and the Gazette!

I don't have any really good photos from this race - If I get any, I'll post them up


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