Bike changing

I've had my Era for over two years now and have been having a grand time. It's a race bike at heart, with only 100mm travel front and rear, as well as a brain on the rear suspension. But that hasn't prevented me from trying to ride it like a trail bike and getting faster and smoother with my descending skills. Since I've gotten my Fate, the Era has really become my fun bike. Big ride? Take the Era. Long day on new trails? The Era is ready to go. I've had so much fun riding that bike. But it still thrives as a race bike. Long and techical race? I'm going to take the Era. I might take a bit of weigh penalty with that choice, but its gonna be a lot more fun. I'm actually on my second Era - so it's easy to tell how much I love that bike. Handles like a dream - quick, snappy and responsive. I have had such a great time on the Era, it's been hard thinking about abandoning her for a trail bike. I want to keep having fun on the Era - hopefully long enough for a race-worthy women's full suspension in 29er. Why do I want to make the switch to 29er? One simple reason - all the other bikes in the house are 29 and having a complete wheel set and spare tires for one bike that aren't transferable to another bike seems to be a waste. The poor Era is the only 26er left in the stable. And since I'm super fussy about my bikes, I think it's going to remain my big day and techy race bike until I find something perfect. So how to resolve this issue?

It was simpler then I thought it would be. Nick's had his trail bike since February, complete with dropper post. And many a time, I've watched him ride away, seat low, while I'm getting bruises from my saddle. Or I get way behind my saddle for a sketchy downhill, then end up bailing halfway thru because I can't get back up to make an obstacle. Continuing with the skills and such is helping, but... Enter in my birthday present this year. Nick has gotten me plenty of bike related presents and this was no different. A Specialized Command Post for the Era. Awesome! Talk about making my full suspension race bike into a trail bike. I've only gotten two rides in with the dropper in place, but it was awesome. I could get the seat out of the way, move the bike around a lot better underneath me and had a lot more control. Even on switchback, just lowering the saddle a little made a huge difference. I'm looking forward to some big rides where I can really test out my new toy. Until then, getting used to the lever and the changes in body mechanics on local trails will have to do.

So now I really have hard choices when picking my bike. Fast and fun with lots of data after the ride or super fun with grins and giggles during the ride. Ahh - spoiled!


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