Peaceful Valley

An early morning start to the day found us in the hills of Elbert and tall pines of the Black Forest by 10:00am. We quickly got set up in the shade and headed out for a short course inspection. Thane said the back half of the course was the more technical section, so the south we headed. A short road section and then the orange arrows dumped us into single track. Bobcat gulch, Thane called it. I called it fun! The trail was painted onto the canyon walls, a thin ribbon dancing among rocks and through the pine trees. Short steep climbs, twisty descents and rolling trail covered In pine needles. Technical rocky sections needing some good awareness on the bike, and some tight sections I might be walking come Sunday! So much fun and so quiet under the tree cover. Except for Kyle talking! His third mtb ride since the car incident and he was talking up a storm. It was nice to see him crushing the single track again. We didn't get the whole lap - so the first ten miles will be a surprise for me. I have three laps to try and clean everything, so I'm not too worried about it. It's going to be a fun finale to the Rocky Mountain Endurance Series. Hoping to decent my leaders jersey and have a strong last race!


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