24 hours of Fun in the Sage

Another great weekend at the Gunnison KOA for the 24 Hours in the Sage. KOA Dave, Michael and the rest of the crew took over the race from Mitch and Tracy and did an outstanding job. The KOA is one of the best venues for a 24 hour race and they keep the party and food rolling all weekend. It was a really fun event this year and I hope all the racers enjoyed the course, the party and the race.

Nick and I raced in Co-Ed Duo again, just hoping to go faster then last year. In the end, we finished 20 laps at 11:31, nearly 40 minutes faster. It was a very close race for most of the afternoon and into the night with the second place coed team. We also won the Duo Category overall, beating the men and the single speeders. We ran pretty consistant laps and stayed safe all night with the changing trail conditions. I'll get the full race report written later.

For me, this was a benchmark year. Out of the three obstacles that I have always struggled with, I finally cleaned all three. Not on the same lap, but I made it! The really tight corner with the huge rocks on Rocky Ridge - made that seven of my ten laps. The rock slap ob Rocky Ridge - cleaned it once, came really close twice, and walked my last three laps. It was just getting way to sandy and I didn't want to take any chances. As for the Notch? Cleaned that twice, foot dabbed once, hand dabbed once, made the left twice, but messed up the other four time. And the new obstacle just before Behind the Rock - I rode that every time. Had the line dialed and made it a point of pride to ride the punch bowl. So much fun! Like I said - more to come in the race report!


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