Getting smarter

So, I'm starting to learn some sense. Just because I sign up for a race, doesn't mean that I have to race. A few years ago, I was registered for a marathon and despite not being ready to run 26.2 and against the advice of my husband and my coach, I still ran. That was the closest I'd come to dropping out of a race - had I had a way to get back to the park without running, I would have quit. Fast forward to this weekend. I was ready to swim and ride, but not so much run. And I was not ready to race.

Had some conversations with Nick - race, don't race. Start the swim and ride, then pull out. Just do the whole event, but don't really race. None of those options sounded good. I knew if I started, I'd want to finish. I also knew that I would have problems just going easy and having fun. A few waffling text messages between me and Coach Adam "not racing, not feeling it" "gonna start and see how I feel..." Back and forth and back and forth. With him mostly responding with "don't race" "be smart"

Being smart was not easy. Showing up to Lory State Park and seeing everyone all excited and getting ready to race was hard. It's the first time I've signed up for a race, picked up my stuff and not lined up. But part of being a pro(elite) athlete is knowing when enough is enough. And this time I made the right call.


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