Spring Time in COS...

Means snow one day and 70 degrees the next day! Luckily, we are in the middle of some of those uber warm, gotta get out and pedal weekends. And get out and pedal we did. Two fun rides, one chill and the other me chasing the boys has left me with some tired legs and great tan lines. Sunday, the fun ride up Stratton then all the way to the end of Columbine. I haven't ridden the whole length of Columbine in a while. Nice pace up Gold Camp, then blasted down the single track. For a perfect Colorado day, there weren't that many hikers out. Bobbled one of the switch backs but otherwise kept the rubber side down.

Today was not a chill ride. It was Tracy chasing after the boys as they rode their own pace. Unfortunately, they had to stop and wait for me at every intersection in Red Rocks. I wasn't riding slow, but I wasn't staying on the train at all. Had a few guys making fun of me as Nick, Dave and Matt dropped me on the climbs and I'm chugging along a switch back or two behind! First time I'd had someone tell me not to get lost! But it was good - just what I needed for the days ride. A hard, steady tempo with some fun techy stuff mixed in. I actually cleaned one of the rocks I've been struggling with and I did it tired. Good stuff. One more say of spring, the. It sounds like winter it coming back. Just in time for me to get my new bike, of course... Will be waiting for some dry trails to take that beauty out for a spin!


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