My Fate

I've been riding Specialized bikes for years. My first race bike was the 2008 women's Era, a full suspension bike designed small enough for me. It was (and still is) an awesome, reliable ride that took the bumps, climbed really well and handled like a charm. I briefly tried another brand, but went back to the Era. I just couldn't find another bike that fit as well. It got pretty fun at the races when I showed up on my "antique" and everyone else was on brand new steeds. So last year, when I upgraded to the carbon Era, I was thrilled. Even better climbing, outstanding handling on any terrain I was willing to ride. Lighter then the older Era by a few pounds and with better suspension as well. But now, everyone was jumping on the 29er wagon and asking if I was also planning on switching. And last year, the answer was no - I really loved my Era and none of the 29ers out there seemed to go small enough without needing to do some really crazy adjustments.

And then I read about the Fate - the new Womens 29er hard tail from Specialized. And my want meter went into overdrive. It took six months from when we ordered my tiny little Fate, but I finally got it. And after two solid weeks on that bike, I love it. I will write up a full review later, but it's been so much fun. Getting used to the hardtail and the tractor trailer affect on corners has been a bit if a challenge, but much less then I was afraid of. I was really worried there would be a huge difference in handling between the Era and the Fate, but so far no. The Fate rolls a little faster and takes a little more muscle to maneuver, and has a wider turning radius. And when I get back on the Era after a week on the Fate, it's a matter of minutes before the twitchiness goes away and I am cruising along. And that's what we were hoping with getting me in a 29er - being able to seemlessly switch between bikes depending on the ride and terrain. Mission accomplished - a fast and fun 29er that didn't need many changed to fit me perfectly.


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