The Philosophy of Kittens

We can learn a lot from animals regarding balance in life. Their philosophy is to play hard, play crazy and have fun, then nap hard and recover for the next bout of insanity. If there's a comfortable lap open for the nap, even better! It's been fun watching those two tearing around the house like crazy nuts. They're playing with a mouse or a grocery bag, or a little stuffed animal. anything is a cat toy and if it makes noise, even better! Sasha has favorite toy that she carries around, drops and tosses in the air for a few minutes, then moves on to the next spot in the house. And George is just a little gremlin, getting into everything. They get their exercise and have their fun. Then it's nap time. And these kittens sleep hard - George's eyes roll back into her head and she'll topple off your legs if she's not careful! Little furballs, snoozing soundly, saving energy for the next round of fun.

Sleeping hard - recovering for the next round!
And that's exactly how we should treat our play and exercise. Get after it, get muddy and have fun. Make every moment on the trails, in the pool or on the road count. Live in the moment and enjoy the fun - that's what it's all about. Even doing serious workouts can and should be treated like play, just like my kittens. Then, after getting home - recover like the kittens! Get what needs to be done done - clean the bike, eat something healthy, wash clothes, etc - but don't go out and look for something to do just to be busy. If it's time to recover, it's time to just chill out as much as life allows. After all, without recovering, it's gonna be hard to get crazy and play the next time!


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