Night at the Races

Carmichael Training Systems is hosting an indoor, computrainer race series this winter. It's four races, with prizes each night, then overall awards at the end of the series. I missed the first night because of my APTA class, but the one tonight worked into the training schedule well. So when I got off work, I loaded up my bike and headed down to CTS.

I wasn't sure of what to expect. I've been using the computrainers for my workouts since October and I really love it. But for a race? I was in the A group, where I was sure to get a good, solid rump kicking. The races were two different Crit courses here in Colorado Springs. Someone had ridden them and loaded the GPS data into the computer. Since crits are ususally short, fast courses, they programed in a set number of laps and first rider to the end won. Both races were really hilly. I was not going to be using my aerobars much at all!

Everyone was talking smack during the warmup period, but once the races started, there was not much talking going on. I very quickly slipped into last postion. I'm blaming a poor start on that one. The system was set up to allow drafting, so if you were close enough you could feel the resistance let up just a little. I was able to move up into 5th place, but was nipped at the line. Not last, but second to last. The second race was the same - second to last, but working my tail off. I really felt like I was racing a short track in cross country. It was the same amount of effort and intensity, despite being inside.

I would recommend anyone interested checking out the CTS Night at the Races. It's Friday night at 6:00.


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