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Dec 19, 2009

CTS Night at the Races Finale

Friday was the last race in the Night at the Races series hosted by CTS. We finished out the event with a three race omminum - a team time trial, a criterum in the Garden of the Gods, and a short road race. Like last week, it was a full house on the computrainers and the energy in the room was palpable. The cowbells were out and so was the trash talking!

For the TTT, it was from row against back row, with the time taken on the last person to cross the line. My team got off to a strong start and quickly took over the lead. I would love to say that I did my share of the work but... I hid in the draft the whole time, letting the two boys set the tempo. That seemed like a great place to be - hanging on for dear life. Luckly, the team worked really well together and we were all able to cross the line together.

The next race was the criterum through the Garden of the Gods, by the Trading Post and Balanced Rock. My group had too do five laps - we all started whining when Brandon realized that the next group was doing four and the last group was only doing three! The CTS coaches were very sympathtic - their advice was to get riding and stay in the draft until the last hill! Without the help of the boys, I very quickly slipped into last place. I was able to fight up to second to last by the end of the course, but that was a challenge. And we still had one more race!

The final race was a short, flatter road race through Central Park. And we didn't even have to get off our bikes to get to NY! I managed to get a great start on the down hill, but my time in the lead did not last long. Once again, I was in second to last, fighting to get on the wheel of the next rider. Every slight incline, I would gain ground and pull away. Then we'd hit the downhills and he would take the lead. My one chance was the uphill finish. Phil and Paul would have had fun with the call for our sprint.

This was a lot of fun, the indoor races. I hope that CTS does another series. It was a great way to get some good training and break up the boredom of riding inside.

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