Deep Freeze

You know it's cold when you're wearing a long sleeved jersey and knee warmers in the garage, while doing a hard workout. I was planning on going in to CTS on the 8th to do my workout, but the factility was closed due to weather. It was below zero, with windchills into the below teens. I had my heart rate data, so I just did the workout on the spin bike in the garage. And it was so cold, in the garage, that I was bundled up during my warmup and really didn't take too many layers off once the workout started. Not quite at the point where I could see my breath, but close.

Even without having the powere data, it was still a really good workout. I've always had problems spiking my effort level from threshold, then being able to return to threshold without taking time to recover. This workout really focused on that. I could tell that this is an area where I need some work. I would get to threshold, mantain, then increase the effort level. Returning to threshold was the hardest part. All I wanted to to was just completely back off and recover. But I have been in races and lost the wheels of the other girls because of that. They would make the effort to climb the hill, and I'd be right with them. At the top, I would slow down to recover, and the gap would form. So that's one major thing that Adam and I are working on this winter.

I have a feeling that all my workouts will be inside from now until April. There is that much snow and ice all over right now. I don't think that the trails will be clear until next year some time.


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