Go time

I'm watching the sun slowly illuminating the 10 Mile Range as I write this. All the work had been done - the long rides, the hard intervals and the recovery weeks. The bike is ready and the drop bags have been packed. Things are real now - we are here and it's past day zero. A year in the making and we are here. It's almost go time. In less then two hours in fact, Amber and I will begin this long journey of self discovery through riding bikes. Finding our True North.

I would be lying if I said I slept well last night. So many thoughts rolling around in my mind. I know it really is just six days of riding bikes. Six big days of riding bikes. But there are so many unknowns to face - besides just riding bikes. I think the biggest challenge for me will be racing Duo in this manner. I'm used to riding my one race - my own pace. Not this time. It will be an ever evolving dance between us. When to push the pace, when to settle into pedaling. One of us might be feeling great and have to balance out a bad day for the other - and it could happen to either one of us. We have to work together on the roads, climb as a unit and descent within ourselves.

Today is a mass start - the entire field together up Boreas Pass Road until the singletrack. It's going to be nuts for a while - between the elevation and adrenaline, people are ready to just go ride bike and race hard. Weather is looking good for today so far, which makes one less thing to worry about. And apparently I'll have a tracker unit for this stage! Which gives me one more thing to worry about!

Huge thanks to Swiftwick Socks for the support in this race.


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