Winter time seems like all fun and games sometimes - playing in the snow on the fat bikes or skis. But its also when registration season for the next season begins and when the commitment to the dreams become finalized. I've talked about the Sheep Mountain 50 Mile race since July. Well, registration is open and that means one thing - time to commit. Nothing says "I'm doing this race" more then the registration confirmation email. So on the day registration opened, I signed up - diving in head first. Sure, I could have waited. It's not like the race will fill quickly. But it's a personal thing - with that registration confirmation sitting in my inbox, it's a constant reminder of what I am working towards with all the pre-dawn, sub freezing runs. Seven months might seem like such a long time from now, but it will go so quickly.

My history is in distance running - marathons and such. Having finished the 50 states back in 2010, complete with some of the traditional 50 state craziness like double weekends and three marathons in 8 days, I am comfortable with the thought of training for a 50 mile race. But I want to do this smart - after all, commitment means nothing if you get injured in the process! Since finished up, I haven't been running nearly as much. The focus shifted to first triathlons and then to mountain biking. So the frequency, volume and intensity for my running hasn't been there like in the past. I couldn't hop off the couch and casually jog a 3:10 marathon right now - unlike back then. Luckily, I've been building up the volume a little in the past year - trying to edge closer and closer to 30 miles a week from the start. But without any intensity or the frequency I will need. I know many in the ultra running community don't think intensity is required for simply finishing a 50 mile race - which is my primary goal. There are other races on the schedule - including a flat and fast half marathon. I need the speed for that - the 6:50s that used to come so easily to me. Thus the intensity, at least until then. I'm also doing a trail marathon and a 50k, even though I initially said that the 50 miler would be my first official race over the marathon distance. But I love the course for the 50k and it's at a good time for super long run.

It will be a very busy first half of the year. Two hard mountain bike races, snow bike racing, and all the running. I'm looking forward to mixing it up again, balancing the running and the mountain biking and just getting out and having fun.


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