Welcome back!

Back in 2009, I was sponsored by Chistopher Bean Coffee based out of Florida. It was some of the best coffee I'd had - consistently roasted with smooth flavor. When in I'm a huge proponent of buy local and there are plenty of local roasters in Colorado Springs. I think I tried almost every one - with some very good results. But always mixed. One day I'd get a bag and it would be perfectly roasted (for me) and the next week it would be bitter to my tastes. So frustrating when all I want to do is enjoy a morning cup of coffee with my book or when preparing to race. I love the taste of coffee, but not when it's a heavy, dark roast and that seems to be the style around here.

So late last year, when the team manager for the newly revamped Christopher Bean Coffee Team approached me about renewing sponsorship, I jumped at the chance. And when I got my first order of coffee, I knew it was the right decision (even though it's not local.) The mellowness of the lighter roasts, the smooth flavors - exactly what I've been searching for. None of the over-roasted bitterness that I kept finding from the local shops.

Coffee might not be something people think about except in the morning and it might not be something really cycling related. Except for meeting after the ride... Now I get to make my own delicious coffee every morning and be able to offer what I think is some of the best coffee I've had to friends, family and competitors. Check out www.christopherbean.com for all the varieties and flavors (tea as well if you aren't into coffee...) and make sure you use the code thelen25 for a 25% discount on non-sale items


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