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The love of sport and the happiness of activity is wonderful thing, but one that eludes many people. There is a freedom in movement, satisfaction in the personal effort of a quality workout and exhilaration of achieving lofty goals. It all starts with the dream and writing down the goals, no matter how crazy.  As a lifelong endurance athlete, I've had years of experience in running, triathlons and mountain biking. I've set goals aggressive enough that coaches said I wouldn't reach them and done things most athletes wouldn't attempt. Sometimes I succeeded, sometimes I failed. Regardless of the outcome, it was always a learning opportunity. What worked and made me stronger and faster; what didn't work and ended breaking me. When I self-coached, I was able to build on those lessons in creating the next training cycle. When I worked with CTS, the workouts became more focused, but still balanced with the knowledge I gained in the years prior.

And now it is time for me to pass on the knowledge I've gained in the past 15 years of endurance sports. It's been a dream of mine since I first attended the USAT coaching certification seminar - to be able to help other athletes reach their own goals. Coaching is more than just writing training plans. It's understanding the physiological effects of training and of training at different intensities. It's matching the workouts to the athlete's physical strengths and weakness in order to develop the basis for reaching goals. Coaching is communication - for some it will mean a gentle prodding to push harder and dig deeper; for others a hand on the reigns to prevent injury. Coaching is considering the whole person - mental and physical then using that knowledge to achieve greatness for the athlete. Coaching is also putting the athletes' needs ahead of your ego and working as a partnership towards the athlete's goals.

With that said, I'm excited to introduce my new company - Thelen Coaching. I am accepting athletes at this time for the 2015 season and beyond. Training to achieve your goals, the skills to be comfortable under all conditions and the preparation for confident races. All that leads to success - both in sports and in life.


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