After nearly two weeks of sunshine and warm temperatures, we returned home to sub freezing and snow. More snow was on the way as well. Before, that would have set me to the trainer or to a run. Not this year. I'm thinking except for targeted workout where I have specific goals in mind, the trainer isn't gonna see a lot of use. Nick was right last year with his trainer killers article. There's no excuses to get out and play in the snow now.

Nick heading up into Stratton - no first tracks there. Someone had beaten us there

But we did get first tracks on Spring Creek!
What's changed? A new bike of course and Sunday morning was the maiden ride. We got it just before our trip and had enough stuff to do without trying to get a bike fit as well. So when the snow started falling Saturday night, I was jonesing to go. Nick gave it the once over and did the fit Sunday morning while I made breakfast and then it was time to ride. We dressed for the freezing yet sunny weather and headed west towards the mountains. Fatso (yes - nicknamed after my cat Isis..) was going to get a proper shake down ride for the first pedal.

Coming down Spring Creek - not enough snow, but enough to be fun!
A few things I noticed - that bike is a lot of work to pedal. Its big and heavy and looks utterly ridiculous  underneath me. People notice the fat bikes - took the same route to Stratton that we normally do and instead of getting ignored, everyone was commenting on the big tires. It's back to basics riding. No suspension means using my body much more intelligently even on the easy trails. And even though the huge tires do provide great floatation on the snow, it's still up to me to keep them turning. Traction is an even bigger issue and any weak spots in the pedal stroke are easy to identify. 

On Columbine - man that bike looks huge under me!

Plenty of things to work on! All while having fun and challenging what most people consider riding conditions. That and the winter bike series means this is going to be an exciting winter.
Coming up the Chamberlin extension - winter workouts are going to be awesome this year


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