Not a bad view of the race start! Pro men, lining up - but can't really see them
Some of the fastest mountain bikers in the world descended upon Colorado Springs and the punchy trails of Pulpit Rock today. While I wanted to be out there, mixing it up with Olympic medalists  and world champions (yeah right - would have been happy to finish on same lap!) it was not in the cards. I was not as recovered from 24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest as I would have liked - and definitely not ready to be lining up with world class athletes. So it was a day to play spectator. We watched most of the women's race and all of the men's race. Under cloudless skies, the temperature was hot and the sun brutal. From what I saw of the course, it was a hard power course with some very steep climbs, loose descents and tight corners. It looked hard and I was happy I wasn't racing! I was having fun taking photos and Nick was enjoying heckling. It's awesome to see this caliber of racing in Colorado Springs. 
Women leaders on their second lap - attacking one of the many punchy climbs

Coming through on lap four  - still together in the lead
Nina Baum racing with a smile - I don't know how she did it! I wasn't ready to race...
After the women's race, it was time to watch the men. We grabbed a quick bite to eat and headed back into the brutal sun to watch the guys duking it out

Local rider Fernando Paez got the hole shot up the hill and the lead for most of the first lap

Another COS rider Russell Finsterwald in the lead on the third lap

Cameron Chambers (in orange) and Kalan Beisel (in blue) on one of the short, dusty descents

Cameron making it look easy through a slightly rocky climb

Todd Wells on the second to last lap - looking smooth and all alone in the lead


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