Starting to Fatigue in Fruita

We only spent one day in Fruita. I was really starting to struggle from fatigue and it didn't make sense to try to push the riding when I wasn't smooth. So instead of riding Moore Fun (which I had actually wanted to this time. Between how much I've been working on skills and my trail bike, I really wanted to see how much I'd be able to ride this trip. But trying to ride that trial on quickly deteriorating legs wasn't smart.) We stuck super easy. Mary's loop to the Horsethief Bench. I didn't even try the drop in - I don't think I will every try it. Walking down that will be just fine for me. Nick gave it three tries, but with no one else out, he didn't want to take a chance. As with all our rides this week, we'd gotten such an early start, we were the first riders on the trail!
Nick having a go at the Horsethief entrance.

Once on the bench, we did one lap. I managed to ride some things I hadn't gotten before, using all of my suspension and my dropper post. I was going good in one section till I got off the easier line. I could hear Nick yelling at me to take the left line, but didn't process it quickly enough. It's an issue I've been having - with all the things to think about and how much faster I've been able to ride over things, I've been mentally overwhelmed at times. This wasn't one of those sections where I should have had issues, but combined with the fatigue from the rest of the week, it was enough. We also practiced a few skills while we had the trail to ourselves. Wheelies and front tire placement when climbing up rock steps. It's one of my weaker skills - I always overshoot where to put my front tire and smack my bottom bracket or my chainrings into the rock. So with Nick's help and a good spot, we took a few runs at two of the rock steps. Nick almost had the entire portage this time, but hesitated on the last rock section. I could see the line he wanted, but saw the issues he was having with the sand on the slick sandstone slabs. Again, with just us out there, not worth taking the chance.

After we finished the loop, it was time to head back to the van. We'd had a fun trip with lots of good riding and an awesome race. But it was time to be done, to go home and recover.


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