Off Season

I've jokingly said before - there is no off season. Especially this year, starting with 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo in February and then racing all the way into November with the 25 Hours in Frog Hollow. It really did seem like I would recover from one race and then start training for the next. At least there was always enough time between races to get in some good training! But it makes for a long year and a long time to stay focused on the goals. Lots of riding, lots of work - not as much other, fun stuff. So now comes my favorite part of the year. Not because of the weather - although I do like the chilly temperatures, but because it's goof-off times. Not an off season, but a month or so to do what I want, have fun and just relax. No focused training, no intervals on the bike. It's regroup time, mentally taking a break from the drive of the racing season. More running, adding in trail fun instead of just getting the miles. More swimming to help stretch out from a months on the bike. We'll start bouldering again soon and I'm looking forward to getting back on the wall. Time to fall off the rocks instead of falling on to them! While staying active, there is no plan or races to prepare for right now.

It's also when I start playing the weather game - picking and choosing as best I can when to ride long and when to hide inside. If the flakes are flying, I'll opt for a run or an easy mountain bike ride instead of the skinny tires. With the early darkness, night riding becomes the focus. It's more fun with friends, the star wars show of our lights splitting the darkness. Hopefully there will be some big groups on the night rides this year.

But the fun won't last long. Just enough to get that mental health break I need and to recharge the batteries. Recovery is just as important as the hard work for getting fast and strong.While I don't have too many races planned, they all matter and it will another long season. Starting in February again...


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