Bike Packing Fun

BikePacking old school style! With the army bag and the WallyWorld tent...
After a week of straight rain and the subsequent cleaning up from the deluge, it was nice to get away from the world, ride up into the mountains and just chill. Not much riding was involved in this trip, but it was still fun and a super quiet weekend. Nick and I rode with some of his cycling buddies - the Palmer Park TBR crew. I think the funniest part was watching how everyone packed their camping gear. It ranged from me, who had Nick to carry everything to Daniel who was using his huge army bag. But the variety of packing and securing bags to bikes worked for everyone and we had an uneventful ride to the camping spot. After everyone set up camp, it was time for supper and some beverages. If you'd carried up a six pack as well as a large bottle of whiskey, you would be ready for some drinking! It was also funny to watch how everyone cooked food. Nick and I had dehydrated meals and he warmed up the water over the campfire. Drew and Tyler had tiny little stoves and cups to make their meals. Matt used a nice sized pot and kept offering the use of his stove to Nick. Daniel went with his MREs and Duanne? Well, he just brought leftovers in the tupperware!

Gears would make that climb a whole lot easier...

Who needs a fancy ground cloth? That's what picnic table clothes are for!

I ain't eating any of that dehydrated shit - oh no. It's real food for me!

It was surprisingly warm up there as well. The wind picked up and kept the temperatures from dropping, which was nice for me. I get cold really easily when camping. We also got to try out Nick's new tent - large enough for the two of us, but light enough for him to carry alone. And it was really easy to set up and tear down. Since some of the guys had to be home early, we didn't get as much riding done Saturday as we'd hoped, but we got some fun trails in. I think I had the most fun - was carrying the least amount of stuff and was riding a big bike for the first time!

Yep, super easy when the Sherpa (Nick) is carrying everything!


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