Wish list

It's that time of year - the season is winding down and it's time to take a break from racing. There are a few more races that I am tempted by before the season is really over. But generally, it's time to relax, recover and have fun riding again. Camping trips, long rides on fun (and sometimes new for me) trails, and just enjoying being on the bike. No workouts planned, no stress with what needs to get on the bike. It's always fun exploring and just doing stuff without an agenda. With that said, it's also when we start looking at options for next year. (Wow, 2014 already?) And each year, there's even more fun sounding events to choose from. That list is getting long! If I even get to do half the races, some months are gonna be long.

January - a quiet month filled with mostly training. As usual, I think I'm gonna start the year off right with the Rescue Run. This hilly 10k is held regardless of weather and is a fundraiser for the El Paso County Search and Rescue.

February - annual trip to Tucson for 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo. Might make it a shorter trip this year so we can play more later! I'm also thinking about a half marathon in the beginning of the month.

March - there's an ultra endurance mountain bike race in St George called the True Grit. It's a 100/50 mile race that is one some of the best single track in southern Utah. One of our friends has done the 50 and called it real mountain biking.

April - it's a long drive, but I really want to try my hand at the Whiskey Off Road. I'll be naught more then pack fodder again (hey, being honest!) but I really don't think I raced well there this year. Something about being sick...

May - getting busier. The Growler is on for sure. Time to test myself at Hartman Rocks in the other direction! Then there's also the Eagle Outdoor Festival with two chances to race! A long race on Saturday and a women's only race Sunday. Some big names came out to play there this year. Also in May is the super fun course of 12 Hours of Mesa Verde - it's a little crowded, but a really enjoyable course.

June - one more chance at actually riding for 24 hours straight! Unless they bring back the CoEd duo class for nationals. There's also the Beti Bike Bash, a short track on steroids race that I haven't done in a while. And unless things change, two Xterras - the Lory race and Curt Gowdy. I was bummed about missing Curt Gowdy this year. It's a really great event. But if the first race happens, then nothing else will be on the plate.

July - should be a recovery month. Will it? Who knows. I've wanted to do the Firecracker 50 on the 4th - either as a solo or duo. But haven't gotten the chance yet. Classic Colorado racing according to many riders. I also want another chance at the Breck 100. It was my first 100 and quiet the challenge. I want to see how well I'd do now.

August - wow. That is going to be crazy busy no matter what races we pick! Steamboat Stinger has been on the watch list for a few year. We've heard great things about this event and just haven't had the chance. I don't know if we'd race solo or team - the benefit of team is we'd both get to race but wouldn't be exhausted. I want to do the Breck Epic one day, but it's a huge commitment in terms of time, money and racing energy. 24 Hours in the Sage is always on the bucket list, but we are considering a different class to allow for other racing later. And then I found an off road iron distance triathlon - 2.4 mile swim, 112 miles of fire roads, double track and single track, followed by a trail marathon. Sounds like a lot of fun, huh? There will be choices for August.

September - on Labor Day weekend alone, there are three events that sound exciting. The Dakota five-0 up in Spearfish SD, which some friends have made an annual event. I've heard of great flowing single track and believe every word. The Park City Point to Point in Utah is also that weekend and also boasts stunning single track. Finally, for Labor Day, there is the Grand Junction Off Road - put on by the fine folks at Epic Rides. I've ridden some of those trails and know its a challenging course. I might be a little more then pack fodder there! There is a 50 miler event in Winter Park that we are skipping this year but looks like fun.

And whew - that brings us to a year from now! I can't even think about this November, let alone 2014!


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