Ascent Cycling Series #4

For the fourth race in the Ascent Cycling Series, we returned to Cheyenne Mountain State Park for the first time in a few years. A new course with more rocks despite the absence of Medicine Wheel meant a pre-ride was super important. The ProCycling Tuesday Night Mountain Bike Ride headed over for to the park before the race to check things out. We all had fun playing on the rocks and I had some thoughts on the best way to approach the course.
Cheyenne Mountain State Park Race

Practicing one of the lines on Cougar's Shadow

Jen V working on the rocks of Boulder Run
I'm always talking to myself and this race was no different. Unfortunatly, Pat from Ascent was right behind me for one lap and got a nice veiw of me yapping aloud. That proved to be my inspiration for the race report. After the race, instead of a formal race report, I traced the four laps I rode through the mantras I use. Breath, flow, relax and ride my bike! Aways good advice...
Talking to Myself
Focused on the trail
Photo - Lydia West
Nick - picking the best line on Coyote Run
Photo - Tim Bergsten


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