Time trials take two

For the last two races in the Wednesday Night TT series, it was all in. No big races, no need to ride smart. Just go from the gun and ride hard. I wanted to see the results of all the hard work and some fast times on the line.

On the slopes of Lower Gold Camp
Photo - Bob Kane
On the 29th, for the 26th St TT, my goal was to break 20:00. That section of road has always been a bit of a nemesis for me - I either go too hard at the bottom or mentally give up half way up Gold Camp. Pacing up the easier slopes of 26th St, I attacked the s curves, going after my time. Rounding the corner, and smack into the wind. Yep - I know why I hate this road! Kept the tempo high, trying to spin up the cadence, across the top of Lower Gold Camp. I was starting to feel that burning in my chest, the metallic taste of pain. Just keep riding, keep pushing. Thru the stop sign and onto Gold Camp. Just keep riding, keep pedaling. The seconds were ticking away, my legs protesting. The race of truth - even if it's just a small local race! I crossed the line in 20:10 - still a new best time for me, but a little disappointing. I'd been working so hard, never giving up and I still hadn't gotten a sub 20 time. Next year!

Suffering on Gold Camp Road - 26th St TT
Photo - Bob Kane

At Helen Hunt Falls, Cheyenne Canyon
Photo - Bob Kane
Sept 5th saw us back at the mouth of Cheyenne Canon. Looking for redemption after a flat race there two weeks before, I made sure to get a solid warm up. I'd talked a little strategy with Coach Adam and knew my game plan. Go hard but paced in the first mile, then build as the slopes steepen. From the start, I was focused - even power, smooth cadence. Steady along the flatter entrance to the canon, then attack as the slopes steepened. I was riding smooth, thru the first mile easily. Able to use all my gears this time around, not suffering, attempting to spin. Past the crossing of Columbine trail, past Mount Cutler Parking Lot. Nick still hadn't caught me. I was nearly a minute faster then last time to that point. Up the steep switch back and I saw Nick behind me. Keep it together, keep pedaling. As the road leveled put before Helen Hunt Falls, I was able to hold him off. But then everyone started reeling me in. First Cam who'd started 5 minutes behind me, then Nick as we passed the end of Columbine. I tried to hold his wheel for a little, but lost it as Danielle passed. Around the last corner and I glanced at the clock. I had a chance of breaking 21:00 minutes - I just needed to keep the pressure high. But I was cracking - not quite pedaling squares, but fading fast. 21 ticked over as I started on last attempt at a sprint. Finished in 21:14 - another new best time for me. And that effort took a huge chunk off my old time, so some redemption from the week before!
Nick chasing me down (up?) Cheyenne Canyon
Photo - Bob Kane

After the last race, the awards was held at Bristol Brewery, with Cafevelo providing some snacks. Nothing like draft root beer and garden fresh carrots to make me happy! Congrats to Danielle Keohe for taking the women's win this year. She had some blazing fast times on both 26th St and up the canon. It's always fun to race local and Jayson with Colorado Endurance sports does a great job. Thanks to Bob Kane from Out There Colorado for taking the photos and making them available.
Looking happier now that I'm heading downhill!
Photo - Bob Kane


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