Kittens causing chaos

Ahh, the joys of kittens. We decided to start leaving them out of the bathroom more at night and during the day. They are almost four months old now and it's time to start giving them a little independence. Too bad Miss Sasha is a little clumsy! Last week she knocked one of my spider plants and my rosemary off the banister. That was a bit of a mess to clean up and the plants did not survive. We had rosemary potatoes for supper that night. Then a few nights ago I was in my office working on Nick's jacket when I heard the distinctive sound of glass shattering on stone. Into the bathroom they went as I cleaned up wine glass shards from the kitchen floor! Sweeping, mopping and vacuuming to make sure all the splinters were picked up. A few hours later, Sasha knocked DumDum's food dish off. At least it was onto the towel on he floor. Made cleaning up easier. And hopefully the last thing she'll knock over - my prickly pear cactus. Amazingly the plant and pot survived the fall. George was with us and Sasha cowering upstairs. Dirt was scattered all up and down the stairs. Into the bathroom they went so the mess didn't get any bigger. And when I dragged the vacuum out, everyone scattered!

Last night was quiet, so hopefully I've managed to fully kitten proof the house. And Sasha decided to curl up with us last night. She's got a loud purr, for sure. And when she wants some snuggles she's not afraid to ask. Meow!


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