Palmer Park 50 Race Report

A race report about not racing? How does that happen? Very easy - I was running support and Nick was racing! This was his last big race before 24 Hours of COS and it was training for both of us. Him for riding his bike for a while and me for support! After the rain on Wednesday and Thursday, the original course was completely trashed - there were wash out ruts nearly two feet deep on sections of Palmer Point trail. Obviously, it wouldn't be safe to run the race right through those ruts. So Saturday am, the course was changed to a five mile lap that Nick would be riding 10 times. Ufdah! That meant my planned "easy" day of sitting around and reading, then handing out a bottle every now and then was gone. I would have to be on my best game to keep Nick with bottles and food. Nick had pre mixed two half gallons of drink, had food in the cooler and I had my game plan set. At first, a bottle every lap - on a short climb just outside the tents. Then when the heat picked up, it went to two bottles per lap. That boy drinks a lot! I only missed one exchange - didn't have the bottles ready when he came through the pit zone. Not bad for my first time pitting in a while. Hopefully, my mind reading skills will be in tune when it comes to 24 Hours of COS, and we did learn some things for that race.

Giving Nick a hand up on one of the early laps
Photo - Rob Bergsten

Nick said the course was lots of fun - a lot more then he was expecting after seeing the course revisions. He also had a great race - finishing in about 4:33. I think he finished 6th individual racer for the 50 mile. He won the single speed class by almost a lap. I don't have full results, but it was fun to watch, fun to crew and good food after the event thanks to Front Range BBQ (even better - they knew what was gluten free what Nick could eat!)
Nick cleaning the climb right out the pit area on his last lap
And the podium for the 50 mile Single Speed Men - I will add names of 2/3 when the results are posted


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