Race Schedule Set

Finally, most of the race dates for the Xterra series have been announced. I was hoping to race the minimum needed for full scoring in the series, but I think that's going to be too much travel. All the Cup races are clustered together and I would be off a week, work for a week, off a week. I would be so burned out on travel that I wouldn't race well. Besides, I commited to racing the MSC series for Feedback Sports, the mountain biking team I joined last year. So it's down to three cup races for the Xterras- the West Cup in Las Vegas on May 2nd, the Northwest Cup in Coure D'Alene on June 6th and the Mountain Cup in Beaver Creek on July 18th. I will also race in Odgen at the National Championships and at the World Championships in Maui.
Las Vegas should be fun. I have a stay at the Wynn that I won at Silverman last year. This seems like the perfect time to use the certificate. It will also give me a chance to do a few short rides on the Silverman course. Coure D'Alene is such a pretty area, I'm really looking forward to spending some time riding my bike up there. I did one of my clinicals during PT school in Spokane and just loved the area. Beaver Creek is right in my backyard - well two hours away, but it's trails and riding that I'm used to. The elevation will be the biggest concern. I did race at Odgen in 2006 as an age grouper, so I know what to expect - lots of climbing. The town of Odgen really embraced the race in 2006, so that should be good time. I have no expectations about Maui. I've never been there, but have heard that the course is challenging.
On the road, I'm just doing 5430 Long Course in August. That's such a well run race and I've had good luck as an Age grouper there. It will also be a good shakeout before Silverman in November.
Silverman. This will be the fifth year for this race and my fifth year competing. I had my best time in 2005 with perfect weather. I had my best race last year in atrocious conditions - rain, wind, hail, wind, wind. But one thing remains. I haven't broken 12 hours at that race. I've been close, but so far. This year, that is my goal. I have to balance the speed training for the Xterras with the iron distance training for a successful Silverman. I think it can be done. I'm looking forward to it.


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