Chase Adventure

Chase Adventure. That phrase invokes dreams of big mountains, winding singletrack and epic days in the woods. We tend to picture adventure as being solo explorers, seeking out new trails and destinations. But that picture paints a narrow and limiting view of what adventure really is - and maybe holding some people back from going out on their terms and defining their own adventure.

Where does that long, winding road lead to? Adventure is calling
Adventure can be found in the city park you never explore. The one only a few minutes from home, but not as convenient as the go-trails just around the block. Who knows what you'll find. It might be a seldom used but well designed section of trail that challenges new skills and sharpens old ones. There might be a new little hill or loop that is perfect for some hot laps. It might not be far, but the adventure is in the exploration. The brain can go on autopilot on the same route day in and day out. Shake it up. Take your morning run and turn it around. The familiar will become new and exciting. Chase adventure by changing the routine. It doesn't need to be a huge epic day to become an adventure.

And then there's the snack break on a new trail in a local park. Close to home, but still an adventure
Another way to chase adventure that we never think about? A new race or a new distance. Falling into a routine of the same races every year creates staleness. The training becomes the same every year - the same intervals, same trails. Pick something different and see what happens. You might find a new favorite by shaking things up. And even if you don't, the training will be an adventure. New tactics, new trails to learn. Or take a step up or down in distance - throw your hat into a new arena. Usually race trail 25ks? Turn your focus to speed and try a road 5k. Races like that challenge us in different ways. All out speed is just as challenging as distance - but in a different way. It might be just enough to spice up a staid routine of long runs and hills.

Adventures happen when we open our eyes to the possibilities all around us. It doesn't have to be planned - the best adventures often happen without plans. You just need to be prepared to chase the adventures when they present themselves. So be you, whoever that is - but challenge the old you to find a new adventure. It's your life and your adventure. Make it fit you and don't beholden to other's expectations.

Dawn Patrol - each day is a new adventure


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