Eyes are hard. Once the vision started coming back in my left eye, it's been a challenging week. I still have restrictions on what I can do and how hard I can do it. No running, no lifting, no mountain biking. Walking and trainer rides - as long as I keep the HR down and don't get crazy doing things. But nothing "feels" wrong - there's no pain like with an injury that would limit mobility - just a little photophobia and now resolved cloudiness in my left eye. That has made behaving even harder - since nothing really seems wrong. I should be able to get out, hit the single track and get some solid workouts done. I should be at work, doing something useful. But I'm not - I've been at home, doing my best to stay busy within the limits of what I am allowed to do.

Trainer workouts - but keeping the HR under 130 so I don't stress the eye too much. Walking to and from the library, and around the neighborhood. Doing easy chores around the house - like scrubbing bathrooms and decluttering. No lifiting heavy things around the house, so I haven't done anything like vacuuming. Even that doesn't take up that much time - so I finally made new pillow cases for the throw pillows in the living room. Yes - it's been a long, boring week - made worse by the nice weather outside. Somehow, being stuck doing trainer rides doesn't seem as bad when it's cold, blustery and icy outside. The motivation to head outside for an easy run is also minimal when the weather is snowy and nasty. This week has been awesome. Sunny, warm and perfect for lots of big hours on the bike and on foot. But I've been behaving - hiding in the basement, heading out for a few easy strolls. Have I mentioned that I hate walking?

I think the hardest part about this has been missing the Run Through Time Half Marathon last weekend. There was a great weekend planned with running, Boathouse Cantina, and then mountain biking the S-Mountain trails. I knew when I was sent to the Retina Consulitants that the chances I would be able to race would be minimal. After all, if something is causing me to lose the vision in one eye, I need to behave. One race is less important then my vision at this time. So I stayed home, trying to stay away from the photos on Facebook. Hard to do when nearly all my running friends were partipating in either the half or the full marathon! I pick my races carefully so I'm ready to perform at a solid level, so missing one race is hard mentally. I know that the season isn't shot just with one missed race and one more easy week. I'll probably come back from this even stronger due to the forced recovery. That is the hope anyway.

Tomorrow morning is the follow up visit. The vision in my left eye is back to normal, with the exception of the photophobia from the eye drops. I'm hopeful I'll get cleared to return to full activity - or at a minimal be able to run and ride outside! But I also need to ask a few questions. Like - what caused this and how can I prevent it from happening again? What should I do if it does happen again and how should I manage it if it does? What are the long there complications I need to be aware of and what is the risk to my vision? Lots of questions... And I know I've had this conversation with the doctor, but this is an new issue - so the conversation will be warranted once again.


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